As a location for a wedding Italy has it all. Beautiful surroundings, welcoming people and that relaxed, carefree vibe that makes celebrations so much fun. Dimitri and Klotilda were looking for something rustic, the Agriturismo wedding Italy is famous for. They found the wonderful Corte San Mattia, Verona, that brings together the very best of Italy in one beautiful location.

Wonderful personalized details are a hallmark of this Agriturismo Wedding Italy offers. The rustic, aged backdrop highlights the precise, smart and modern lines of Dimitri’s suit and preparations perfectly. The rich colors of the gifts and flowers and the bright white of the bride’s dress sit wonderfully against the subdued backdrop. The patina of age that surrounds this Agriturismo Wedding Italy provides a wonderful sense of tradition without overpowering the bride. 

Incredible statues and ornamental carvings sit outside, and warm, rich colors and expansive are found space inside. This ensures the setting allows the beauty of the bride and the detail of her dress to shine. Nothing distracts from her. Instead, the historic background, the imperfections of age that come with an Agriturismo Wedding Italy, bring the modern dress and femininity into even sharper focus.

As the couple walk to the church through beautiful cobbled streets, people just going about their day become part of the celebration. This spontaneity adding more joy to the special day as they see the bride proudly walking along. It is a wonderfully unique feature for Corte San Mattia, Verona. An excellent example of why so many couples are looking for the Agriturismo Wedding Italy experience.

With the entire city providing the ultimate backdrop, we see the subdued, earthy tones of the roofs and houses give a unique look. The images of Dimitri and Klotilda give a picturesque quality, like a snapshot of time. 

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