For Nesada and Artan, an Albanian couple living in New York, their dream wedding needed two things. The perfect location and an Albanian Wedding Photographer New York to capture it all. Roma Italy was the final choice, and it didn’t disappoint.

From the delicate to the majestic

History and culture are everywhere in Roma, and they shine from every image. Whether it is the subtle moment of finding a blooming flower box or the backdrop of stunning architecture, it’s spectacular. As an Albanian Wedding Photographer New York has taught me how to bring a city’s character to life.

Bring the focus to the couple

With such wonderful surroundings, it can be easy to ‘lose’ the couple in the image. But here, despite the magnificent church and sculpture, we use light to draw you to the bride and groom. As an Albanian Wedding Photographer New York, we allow the location to speak, without drowning out the wedding story. 

The moments that matter

The grand set pieces tell the story of a wedding, but as an Albanian Wedding Photographer New York, it is the moments that capture the day. Here Nesada and Artan share a glance, a smile, a laugh, these images show their love. Those are the moments that mean so much when you look back on a wedding day. 

They travel to celebrate their love

“The best feeling in this world is being with someone who wants you as much as you want them”

Bringing Roma to life

Italy is such a wonderful country, whether it is the Colosseum, the Vatican or as here, Roma, it is full of wonderful people and stunning beauty. We see the couple against a backdrop of incredible architecture. The dress can be seen in all its glory in these wonderful portraits, the pure white contrasting with the darkness of the background for impact. 

When tow souls fall in love

Roma is a wonder, as is all of Italy, but wherever you choose for your wedding, you want to capture the day properly. As an Albanian Wedding Photographer New York, we know how to tell your story, capturing the moments that matter forever.

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