Sunshine, tropical plants and gorgeous beaches with azure seas. That is what wedding in paradise looks like, and it it’s a Riviera Maya wedding too. Denisa and Redon wanted a true celebration for their wedding. One where they could enjoy the beautiful coastal views and enticing weather for an outdoor wedding to remember. They found perfection at the Azul Fives Resort in Riviera Maya.

Natural Beauty for your Destination Wedding

A true paradise for a wedding, Riviera Maya, the pure white flowers being matched by the sand itself. As palms sway in the breeze and the blue sea provides an every-changing backdrop to the ceremony. Is there a better location than the beach for a celebration? Not for Denisa and Redon, maybe not for you either. Choosing a Riviera Maya wedding location gave them the backdrop that produces the classic look. 

‘It’s a day for both of you, remember to stop and take it all in’

‘Love each other, and love the beauty that surrounds you’

As the two look at each other, the sea in the background and the horizon stretching away is everything. It lets us focus on the couple, but also reminds us of the journey they are on together. Soft sand underfoot and the sound of waves just ads to the ambience. For the bride and groom, as well as their guests, a Riviera Maya wedding is a beautiful experience. At the beach, you can’t help but relax, and so it is for a wedding.

“The sea, sand and good friends, it’s everything we wanted”

“This is where the journey begins, who knows where it will take us”

“Unique surrounds really make everything so special”

Here, the cool palette chosen for the bridesmaids and groomsmen stand out from the warm, natural tones of the setting.  This provides a subdued palette overall, giving the wedding a dreamy feel and look. The simple gazebo and ‘flying’ flowers add to the effect, making this Riviera Maya wedding very distinctive. With a style all its own, the Riviera Maya wedding photographs give a very unified look. They tell the story of the day in a wonderfully cohesive manner. 

Away from the sand, Azul Fives Resort in Riviera Maya has very distinctive architecture. It creates a beautiful backdrop for Denisa and Redon, with lush greenery adding color. Inside, the amazing d?cor contrasts with the simplicity of the outdoors experience. Bringing patterns, angles and warmer colors to the story. The clean, simple lines of the bride?s dress shine against that busy backdrop. You can’t help but focus on her. 

The versatility of Azul Fives Resort in Riviera Maya shows with the beautiful forest images. Here, surrounded by incredible trees on a wooden walkway, the couple appear immersed in nature. The dress shines in these photos, with the background almost exclusively green. This brings the Riviera Maya wedding full circle, with nature surrounding the couple. 

AT the reception, the dominance of white, with candle lights and fireworks, makes for a lovely spectacle. Making the most of the surroundings of this Riviera Maya wedding, it is a wonderful end to a memorable day.

Highlight Film Wedding

Very excited to finally share the highlight from Denisa & Redon’s Destination Wedding day in Riviera Maya Playa, Del Carmen, Mecixo Wedding! We had so much fun working with you guys, and we are glad to say we gained a handful of new friends through this awesome process.

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